Our wish for this new year …

If we want magnificent animals to be ever present on this planet, we have to find a way to make conservation work for the people who share their land with wildlife.

At ELEPHAS we look after such people, providing livelihoods from the abundant natural resources on their doorstep. Every time YOU buy an Elephas Shea Butter soap, YOU help build the foundations for success by providing accessibility to schooling and jobs for families in areas that are at risk of resorting to deforestation and poaching.

To the cooperatives we work alongside, Shea provides a future.

To the elephants of West Africa, Shea forests provide safe and rightful passage.

To us, Shea trees provide one of the key natural ingredients in luxurious skincare, so it makes no sense to let these incredible forests disappear.

In 2019 we will be expanding our product range to bring further economic value to the communities we work with. We believe in Committed Beauty and that What You Buy Is What You Do.

Here’s what we achieved with the 2000 soaps you bought in 2018 and here’s to doubling that in 2019. Have a peaceful New Year!

We believe that what you buy is what you do!

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