We believe
that what we buy should have a positive impact
on the area from where ingredients come from.

Buying from small-scale producer groups
gives us the opportunity to drive positive change
and form incredible relationships with beautiful people
all over the world.

We believe in producing effective products made from the world’s finest oils combined with fresh, 100% natural plants that are free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


Shea butter is widely known by African women and by a growing number of European and American women for its incredible beauty benefits. The essential fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) in our Shea butter are combined with esters that have antioxidant properties and to phytosterols that have been scientifically shown (in vitro) to slow down skin aging.

There is an abundance of Shea trees in Africa.  However, the pressure to dedicate more land to agriculture threatens this local and international resource. ELEPHAS and its partner associations work actively for the protection of essential zones that provide secure incomes for women’s groups. Moreover, the conservation of these forests is crucial to the survival of elephants and other African big game.


An emblem of longevity, the Baobab is renowned by the local populations of Africa for the beneficial properties of its fruit and leaves. Its fruit alone contains an incredible amount of Vitamin C. Generally considered as sacred, few baobab trees are cut down outside of urban development areas. This majestic tree is very much present in the Senegalese and Burkinabe landscapes.

ELEPHAS Paris® wants to support local communities, and in particular women that have gathered together to preserve and recognize the value of local plants.

With this in mind, we support women’s groups on the outskirts of the Arly forest in southern Burkina Faso so as to help them take responsibility for and reap the benefits of directly managing their natural environment. In Senegal, groups of women have also committed themselves to protecting the Sangako forest, with the help of the NGO Nebeday. Moreover, this environment is the last refuge of the Colobe bai, one of the most endangered monkeys on earth.

Desert date

The Desert Date is a plant that was able to develop a resistance to wind and sun and is therefore able to survive in some of the harshest climates. Its seeds provide an exceptional type of oil that is naturally rich in proteins and fatty acids. Desert date oil is a powerful emollient that regenerates and nourishes.

Olivier Behra started to work with this plant alongside the communities living around the Arly National Park in Burkina Faso. This zone is still home to all the species native to the West African savannah, including elephants, buffalos, antelopes (hartebeest, damaliscus, kob) and carnivorous mammals (lions, caracals). Supporting the local communities of Burkina Faso in the development of sustainable harvests also contributes to the conservation of the African fauna.


Coconut oil hydrates, heals, soothes and prevents early signs of aging. Its undeniable benefits are the result of its composition, which is extremely rich in essential fatty acids, lauric and myristic acids, easily absorbed by the skin and hair. Moreover, coconut oil contains Vitamins A and E that are known to produce antioxidant and anti-radical effects. All its qualities can be preserved using a process of cold extraction.

All the oils contained in ELEPHAS Paris®’s products are certified organic and their use helps support production development efforts in southwest Cameroon that aim to assist in the protection of beaches, a crucial habitat for sea turtles.