Last October, ELEPHAS joined the SloWeAre family, a platform promoting ethical fashion and part of the Fashion Revolution movement.
It was launched by two individuals passionate about responsible consumption, Eloïse Moigno and Thomas Ebélé. Their goal: to put forward know-how and positive initiatives of entrepreneurs and independent boutiques.

The fashion industry, as glamorous and dreamy as it can be, is unfortunately also the most polluting industry on the planet, second only to the oil industry. Its impact on our planet and on our health is often very negative*. The fast fashion habits are equally responsible for overconsumption and waste that ends up in landfills. But this should not mean us renouncing to dressing stylishly and originally. That’s the challenge taken up by Eloïse and Thomas.

PHOTO: The Clothing Industry’s Environmental Impact

In order to promote responsible and conscious consumption, the platform shares a trendy guide of shops & brands that correspond to the SloWeAre manifesto, along with slow fashion picks and look books.

The core value of the concept is to refocus on what’s essential by choosing ethical and organic pieces or good quality basics, meant to last.

In the fast “everything” age we are living in, this approach resonates with many of us. The SloWeAre community, Happy New Wear, is growing everyday. It’s a place to rethink fashion with creativity and a lot of good vibes!

On this platform you will also find many inspiring articles on the latest innovative materials, ideas on how to reduce your environmental footprint without compromising your style, portraits of various designers and their philosophy (check out ELEPHAS Q&A) and much more.

If you want to get informed on the latest eco-fashion trends and about the upcoming events, this is the site to follow ! Last December, we had the pleasure to participate in the first Christmas market organised by SloWeAre at the Bellevilleoise in Paris, where we were able to discover stunning creations of various green brands present and see that brands can really do good stuff while doing good. Below some photos from the event:

*To learn more about the destructive practices of fast fashion, watch the following film: True Cost, by Andrew Morgan.