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All the benefits of three exceptional natural products in this ZEN Kit.

Composed of a handmade shea butter soap, the incomparable essential oil of Saro from Madagascar and a pure shea butter that will become the best ally of your skin. For a wellness routine truly connected to Nature.

Certified Wildlife Friendly™.

A few drops of SARO added to shea butter and you get a botanical balm.

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Shea Butter Soap

100 g.

Handmade in Burkina Faso. Cold saponification. Cruelty Free & Vegan, Wildlife Friendly™ & Palm Oil Free (POFCAP) certified.

Traditionally handmade Shea butter soap. Enriched with Coconut, Desert Date & Baobab oils. Natural fragrance. Suitable for daily use.

Eco-friendly packaging

Recycled cardboard, biodegradable.


Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Balanites Roxburghii (Desert Date) seed oil*, Aqua (Water)**, Sodium Hydroxide, Adansonia grandidieri (Baobab) oil*, Fragrance***, Citric Acid**, Sodium Chloride (Salt)**.

* 100% natural product. ** Ingredient of natural origin. *** With molecules of natural origin.


Burkina Faso


Guarantees a gentle wash without residue. Its extraordinary formula helps to provide long-lasting pleasant sent and a creamy rich lather to leave the skin freshly cleansed and moisturised.


The production is made in Burkina Faso by a group of women from La Fédération Nununa. The soap factory is located close to the production site of our fresh shea butter, allowing us to obtain a wholly natural soap of exceptional quality.

Usage instructions

Lather the soap in the palms of the hands and apply generously to the body. Wash off.


Made with fresh shea butter, the soap may crack with use. These cracks are simply the result of an unusual temperature change or too much humidity. The problem is only aesthetic because the soap is always of excellent quality.

Saro essential oil

0.32 Fl. oz.

Cinnamosma fragrans

100% pure essential oil of Saro. Certified Wildlife Friendly™.




Extracted by steam distillation of fresh leaves of Cinnamosma fragrans in western Madagascar. The plant Malagasy name, Mandravasarotra, means “that keeps evil away” or “that annihilates evil”. In a society where psychological and physical aggression is inevitable, SARO essential oil offers you unparalleled protection.


SARO essential oil is known for its ease of use and non-aggressiveness. Toxicity tests show that this oil is very easy to use and is safe (under normal conditions of use). It is recommended to restrict the use of this oil to external applications and to use it on young children (under 7 years old), pregnant women and people with low blood pressure problems only after prescription or validation by a professional. For people with allergic skin, test the essential oil by putting a drop in the hollow of the elbow. If there is no redness after 24 hours, you will be like 99% of people for whom this essential oil will be a benefit.

Learn more about SARO and its uses – Click here.

Pure Shea butter

1.69 fl oz.

Butyrospermum parkii Shea butter

Multi-purpose product. 100% natural, without added fragrance, preservative free.

  • A multi-use balm for dry and damaged hair and skin and nails.
  • A perfect base for your DIY recipes. Its travel size is ideal for bringing it everywhere with you.

Suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, babies and for those with sensitive skin.

Cruelty Free & Vegan, Wildlife Friendly™ & Palm Oil Free (POFCAP) certified.

Eco-friendly packaging

Aluminium containers, biodegradable label.


Used for generations by African women for its ability to soften and protect skin, Shea butter is truly the skin’s best ally. Its essential fatty acids and phytosterols restore the top layer of the skin. Naturally present, vitamins A & E have soothing properties, relieving various skin discomforts. Vitamin F accelerates skin regeneration and acts as a powerful antioxidant.


From a responsible and wild harvest that supports the conservation of the elephant’s habitat.
Extracted from the almond of the shea tree fruit. The shea butter comes straight out of the oil presses, allowing it to preserve all its extraordinary qualities for skin & hair.

Usage instructions

Warm the desired amount in the palm of the hand before application. Suitable for daily use.


The texture may be somewhat grainy, depending on the lot. This doesn’t signify that the butter is of a lesser quality. These grains simply result from a change in temperature, often a too-slow cooling, causing a crystallisation in the molecular structure of the butter. Our butter is 100% raw and susceptible to differences from one lot to another. Shea butter usually keeps very well; just remember to keep it away from warm temperatures and humidity.

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