Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, elephant populations are under pressure from poaching and from the transformation of forest habitats into farmland. We help women communities to generate an income from the use of various trees, such as Shea butter, Baobab or desert date tree (also found in elephant habitat in Mali). Thus, they become motivated by the [...]


In Cameroon, it is necessary to help local pygmy tribes to keep their traditional way of living in harmony with the forest. To empower them against outside pressure, we help them secure Moabi trees and enhance the value of its seeds by transforming them into oil for fair trade sale.


Au Cameroun, il est nécessaire d’aider les tribus pygmées locales pour maintenir leur mode de vie en harmonie avec la forêt traditionnel. Pour leur donner les moyens contre les pressions extérieures, nous les aidons sécuriser les arbres de Moabi et rehausser la valeur de ses graines en les transformant en huile pour la vente de [...]


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